We are proud of our highly qualified and experienced team. Our effective leadership style creates a positive organisational culture that values openness and trust. Our staff are motivated and actively involved in continual learning. We offer staff members professional development opportunities and weekly training sessions to ensure they have a deep understanding and appreciation of children's learning and development.

About Us

We are a small, dynamic group of educators who have big hearts and passion that spills out the windows. The educators here at Pilbara Prep strive to build and nurture loving, caring and meaningful relationships with our children and families who entrust their child’s precious time with us and to us that is extremely valuable and satisfying as educators and care-givers.

We have a driven, passionate and motivated team at Pilbara Prep with a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are committed to giving your child the best education possible in their early years of life. We believe that every child is unique and individual attention and understanding is instrumental in building their confidence and shaping a bright future for them. We work closely with all of our families to ensure each child’s culture, interests and daily family life is included in our programming and activities at the centre.

We are very flexible and offer different sessions to suit all families and rosters.

Our staff at Pilbara Preparatory would love to share what our centre has to offer with you, so please stop by and say hello!!


  • To provide a safe, well supervised environment where children are free to observe, questio​n, experiment and explore.
  • Provide everyday life activities and experiences to help develop children’s interests, construct their own identities and give them an understanding of the world.
  • Create and build upon friendships.
  • Make strong connections with Family, Community, culture and place.
  • Help children to understand the impact of humans on the environment and how we care for both the natural and constructed environment.

Our Team


Nominated Supervisor

Gjulia is our Nominated Supervisor for Karratha and manages all the day to day activities at the centre whilst overlooking centre operations. She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care and has worked at various Childcare Centres in Perth before moving to Karratha. She has been working at Pilbara Preparatory for over 3 years now and loves the Centre, her role, the children and her colleagues who she takes and treats more like her family. Gjulia has excellent leadership and communication skills that have seen her build strong, enduring relationships with children and parents alike. She is actively involved in planning and programming at the centre and believes that each child is different and it’s important to create activities around their likings, interests and personalities. She is very passionate about teaching and always strives to inspire and create wonderful lasting memories for these young, beautiful minds at our Centre.


Qualified Educator

Kajaal has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Being a mother to a young, cheerful and intelligent child like Moksh, Kajaal knows and understands the importance of providing the highest level of care and learning to children and says “ She can’t emphasise enough as to how crucial the first 5 years are for a child’s growth, development and wellbeing.” She is actively involved in creating safe yet stimulating environments and set-ups for children. Kajaal is extremely organised, focused and works efficiently alongside Gjulia and Sumi assisting them with programming and planning activities for children that are best suited for their age and personalities. Kajaal enjoys cooking in her spare time and uses this as a technique to often teach kids a bit about maths, science and most importantly to take responsibility and initiative whilst being creative. Kajaal has worked in management roles for over 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to our childcare setting from a planning, liaising and implementation perspective.


Qualified Edcator

Sumi is the lead educator for Outside School Hours Care at Pilbara Preparatory. She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care along with a Masters degree in Business Administration majoring in HR & Marketing. Sumi has had several years of experience in early childhood education and feels that each child has their own, unique sets of skills and personality which we should tailor our programs, teachings and activities around. Sumi firmly believes that educators should value and appreciate each child as an individual which in turn will allow the child to grow and hone their skills whilst refining their abilities, strengths and interests which in turn will extend on their learning. Sumi uses Music, Play, Yoga as tools to allow children to explore, socialise and boost their confidence while nurturing creativity. Sumi has a beautiful, bright daughter Tia who is a frequent visitor at our centre and being a mother herself she feels the need to make a positive difference to every child’s life by providing the highest level of care and education.


Cert III

Aileen has lived in Karratha for over 11 years now and has successfully raised 3 wonderful kids who are now grown up adults. Aileen has a wealth of knowledge and experience around children have raised 3 of her own, She has a Cert III in Early Childhood Education & Care and is on-track to complete her Diploma. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree and has served as a public school teacher for over 12 years before she and her family moved to Karratha for good. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and believes that every child should be provided with the opportunity and support to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.


Cert III

Khogilah has a Masters in Education Psychology along with a degree in Social Science . She also has a Diploma in Teaching and has worked as a Primary School Teacher for over 8 years in Malaysia. This interest of mentoring and tutoring young children led her to opening and managing her own education providing institute and tutoring service comprising of over 80 students along with other like-minded professionals who were passionate about teaching. Her daughter Prentha who shares her passion and values around providing the highest level of education and support has also joined our dynamic team at Pilbara Preparatory.


Support worker

Prentha Shree is a young dynamic support worker who assists our educators with their day to day tasks and management activities. She is endeavouring to pursue her career in Media and Communication however being brought up into a family who were involved in providing education and care to children she is great around kids and brings a lot of energy and fun to the rooms.